Sunday, December 13, 2009

I love Alts!

I've got so many alts I just don't know what to do with them all! Sometimes I wish I could just instantly level them up to 70 and skip the grind. I know Blizzard made it a lot easier and faster to level, but it still seems like forever. I don't know how many characters I've had to level through the joys of Stranglethorn-gankfest-vale. Maybe I should really work on getting some heirloom items and I can finally get a rogue to the max level or maybe a hunter...... someday.... someday.

What are some of your favorite ways to power level your characters up??

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trippin' Down Memory Lane

So I was on my brothers old pc and came across some super and I mean super old Wow screen shots. A couple of them date back to 2004!! Crazy! Anyways I found some really great ones from back in the day, when all my old buddys used to play. When I first started playing Wow its was just my friend Brim, my brother, and me. Eventually we found out a bunch of our other friends played and we used to have SO much fun! Probably the best days of WoW ever...awh the good ol days. I kinda get emotinal looking at some of them. I really miss some of these guys, one of my best pals passed away a couple years ago and we had just started playing again together. I had my absolute best times in Wow with him. I really miss him! In some of the screen shots you can see just how much WoW has changed over the years. Vanilla WoW was the best hands down. Here are just a few of the screen shoots I thought were funny and brought back some memories. Enjoy!

Brim, Ryan, and I take on a really hard boss!

We actually manage to win.

My old shammy. Believe it or not shammys used to be Super overpowered and were feared!

When we knew we were going to loose a battleground we would dance naked while the enemy stared in aww at our dancing skillz. RIP Gotrex.

WHOA both Dal'rends on the same drop!! Are you serious yes...yup it happend. Lol at Malachai and his bear form(he loved his bear form(big time))!! Man those were good times.

The infamous giant name bug. Sometimes it go so out of hand you could see the enemys name from miles away in a battleground. Oh and stay out of the poison!!

Morbad the Protection Warrior

So recently I have been leveling up my warrior Morbad. He is leveling up really fast as protection spec. Its crazy how they have buffed Prot to be such a great leveling spec. I used to level him as an Arms warrior but now I cant go back! The damage I do in Prot is high and I take almost no damage in most fights. Basically I have no down time at all.

I recenltly ran Utgarde Keep for the first time and seemed to tank it pretty well at only 59. The only really annoying fight was Skarvald and Dalronn. He has really crummy tanking gear also so I cant wait to start picking up decent +Defense gear. Also I need a new shield BADLY!

Here is his armory profile.

I am thinking about changing his race to Night Elf, but we'll see.

So basically if you want a great leveling spec for your warrior go protection, plus the ability to tank for the instances is just awesome. Barely any down time, great stuns and survivability make it my favorite warrior spec.

Welcome to Adventures in Warcraft

Welcome to Adventures in Warcraft. This blog is going to have everything I find interesting about my favorite game. Team Awesome is the name of my guild in World of Warcraft. Just my brother and I are in the guild, its pretty much just a way to share a bank for our characters. We are just casual players who aren't to concerned about being the best players or having the best gear. We play to have fun and we do! I've been playing since release off and on, and have just recently returned after a long break.

This blog is mostly to show my progress on my different characters, and to talk about everything WoW. Enjoy your stay!